Liam Hayhow

[ Wood Work, wood and cooper, 41cm by 24cm ]



Liam Hayhow

"Liam Hayhow is an artist whose practice is based upon two primary concerns. The first is materials. Hayhow is a consummate manipulator of material whether it be wood, metal, plastic or whatever else comes his way. Usually using recycled materials as part of an approach that is in keeping with his work ethic of sustainability, conservation and reuse, he has a facility as a maker to transform the most distressed material into aesthetic objects. The second is a playful acknowledgment and understanding of the potential of illusion in art. His transformation of materials converts them into sites where visual sensation, whether it is the juxtaposition of colour, image and three dimensional form or the incongruity of exaggerated or distorted scale, create works that entice the viewer into a world that is never quite what it seems at first appearance.Hayhow's ability to see the potential hidden within the detritus discarded by a throwaway culture enables him to construct objects that display an intrinsic wit as well as beauty within their form."

David Thorp