Matt Watkins

Mutually Assured Distraction

[ 24” x 24” , Edition Artists Proof Signed, Medium Kodak Professional Endura METALLIC C-Type archival print ]

A direct scan from a series of hand-made projection slides constructed from detritus, cellophane and 3d glasses, produced for Mothwasp live shows.

Matt Watkins

Matthew Watkins was born in Manchester, England, in 1962 but grew up in Toronto, Canada. A graduate in Communication and Design from the Ontario College of Art, he has now been living in Italy for a number of years. As well as being an artist and illustrator, he works as a design and marketing consultant, and has developed a reputation as one of the leading exponents in the field of mobile digital art, with paintings of subjects ranging from noir to political satire to fantasy worlds. His fingerpainting exhibitions and live performances have attracted the interest of television channels in Italy, Korea and Argentina and newspapers and magazines such as the Washington Post, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, Wired and GQ. His work has been featured in a number of leading blogs including Cult of Mac, Escape into Life and Tom’s Hardware.

Experimental music/AV project Mothwasp present stark, oblique, distorted and serendipitous live performances involving defunct analogue AV technologies, field recordings, and homemade electronics. Mothwasp have performed during film festivals such as Animated Dreams/Black Nights (Estonia) Flatpack (UK) and at music festivals such as Supersonic and Supernormal (UK).

Matt founded the Beat13 arts collective with Lucy McLauchlan in 1999 and they continue to collaborate on murals, exhibits, documentation and international art initiatives.