May Press Release

Online Auction is due to go live on the 21st October 2019


Our Story.

The Refugee crisis is as acute as ever. There are still unofficial camps in Northern France and an increase in the homeless predicament throughout the UK as a direct result of the crisis.

A handful of volunteers including RCK have been working tirelessly to combat this issue surviving through donations, crowdfunding ,fundraisers and the benevolence of thousands of good samaritans.

And right now, we are connecting with over 30 contemporary urban and street artists, who want to give their support to this charitable cause by donating pieces for the RCK Charity Auction, to raise much needed funds for this ongoing mission.

With many of the works being either created specifically for the auction or unique ‘one offs’, and with a full range of guide prices, this is an auction not only for the discerning collector but also for those who want to support this cause but are not sure how to do it.

Organized entirely by volunteers and Graffik Gallery and with 100% of profits going to support the work of RCK, this is a unique opportunity for the general public to aid in this enormous humanitarian endeavour.

So please bid generously with your heart and allow RCK to continue helping those less fortunate.