Tony Dntt


40cm width , 80 cm height , 35 cm depth

It's a modern take on 'Liberty leading the people' by Delacroix. Artists like Delacroix and David, his predecessor, were deeply involved in the politics of the French revolution, as should artists of today. This piece is a study for a full size sculpture, that is yet to be made. The full size piece, shows her treading over the detritus of the modern world; computers, mobiles, obsolete technology.

Tony Dntt

Over the past two decades Tony D'Amico has been producing giant sculptures from salvaged materials and scrap metal. In common with Cirque Archaos,DNTT and the Mutoid Waste Company, three of the collectives he has worked with during this period, his sculptures attempt to create a new aesthetic from the detritus of modern society, forged using low level industrial techniques . As well as sharing a post apocalyptic vision, the collectives are loosely linked through their anarchic political leanings and the setting of their sculptures within the context of music and performance.