Chapel Skulls (blue)

[ 70.6CM x 50.6cm, Print, Mixed media on paper, Unique of 1 ]




This endless creativity is brought to you by the London based artist ENDLESS. 
Studying aspects of printmaking, graphics and fine art helped develop the Endless style and techniques as well as the creative thought process which was then presented on the streets. The artwork itself is a true representation of todays ever changing chaotic culture, using aspects of fashion, advertising and branding with hidden meanings overlapped with humor and iconic imagery this work really moves to its own beat. The artist goes by the name of Endless which represents his positivity and never give up attitude towards his creativity. As well as a prolific street artist Endless also works on canvas and other materials, producing diverse exhibitions and street installations.

“A response on how I see the world around me, bringing my thoughts and ideas at that moment in time together into a visual release is how I would describe my work.”